2020 Interclub Matches

Updated November 10th, 2020

The 2020 Interclub Matches

These were played over 12 weeks and were among the first face-to-face chess matches in the world to be played in the Covid-19 environment. We followed strict Covid-19 guidelines with the boards spaced out as far as possible and all the sets, boards and clocks sanitised after each round. All the players and spectators were also required to fill in the contact-tracing sheets on entry, as well as sanitise their hands and bump elbows at the start and end of each game.

That being said and done, it was great fun. It was just fabulous to play someone across the board again, rather than across the Internet and the competitions were amazingly close. Bill Jordan was the arbiter and it all ran smoothly, apart from running 10 minutes late each time through no fault of his own .. rather Alan trying frantically to try ensure players all had a game.

There were only 5 teams in the A Grade which was very messy but it was played as a double round-robin and so the B Grade which had 8 teams was played as a 7 round round-robin and then a Swiss for the final 3 extra rounds. A new program called Orion was used for the pairings and it was not easy to use or able to cope with these different tournament formats.

The final Results:

A Grade

1st Matisons 20.5
2nd Adelaide 20
3rd Modbury 14
4th K&B Red 12
5th K&B Orange 6.5

The final round was particularly tense – Matisons had the bye and only just needed the K&B Orange team to take a point off the Adelaide team to win the competition and that looked like it had happened when Mathew Drogmuller was substituted in to the K&B Orange team at the last moment against Chris Benham and won relatively early, allowing the Matisons team to go off celebrating, little realising that there is rule that new players cannot be entered into a team in the last round if they had not played in the competition at all that season. Fortunately for Matisons, Jwalit Parikh for the K&B Orange team saved the day by winning on board 4.

The Matisons team consisted of IM Trevor Tao, Michael Hoff, Robert Hoile, Aivars Lidums with Peter Gregoric and Peter Ballard substituting for a few rounds.

B Grade

The B Grade competition was also very close and decided in the last round too. There were 8 teams and it was very pleasing to see a good number of new players taking part for the first time.

Final Standings:

1st West Torrens – 27.5
2nd Modbury – 25
3rd Norwood – 20.5
4th Adelaide – 15.5
5th K&B Green – 14.5
6th K&b Yellow – 14
7th Extras Newagency – 12.5
8th K&B Blue 11.5

The West Torrens Team consisted of Alex Maschkowsky, Anthony Haywood, Laslo Kanovics and Ben Smith with Michel Barone, Tom Windram and Rick Lu as reserves.

So congratulations to all who took part – we hope you had fun!

Chess Centre Appeal – Reducing the Gap

Updated September 5th, 2020

The Covid-19 crisis has placed a huge financial strain on the South Australian Chess Association (SACA). On the 15th of March, 2020, the Chess Centre was forced to close due to Federal and State legislation. This closure has meant we have not been able to receive any income through entry fees from over the board tournaments, inter-club, or inter-school matches at the Chess Centre. Whilst we have opened our doors again now to over the board chess and tournaments, the four months of closure has caused financial strain. Despite a helpful rend reduction from our landlord we are still obligated to pay our lease under our 5-year agreement. We anticipate that without any donations our shortfall for the year will be close to the $8,000 mark.

We are therefore appealing to you, as a player and/or supporter of adult and junior chess in South Australia, to help reduce this gap financially and secure the long-term viability of SACA and the Chess Centre for all current and future chess players. The Chess Centre has been operated by SACA in Ranelagh Street for over 30 years and it is an essential component of chess in South Australia for hosting both Adult and Junior events.

To show your support to the Chess Centre, the South Australian Chess Association and the South Australian Junior Chess League in these challenging times, we urge you to please consider a donation of however much you can. All donations will be appreciated and acknowledged by name or anonymously if you prefer.

Please click on the button below that will take you to our page that will explain how to donate and provide a list of all current contributors to this appeal.

Interclub Teams Tournament 2020

Updated August 7th, 2020

Interclub Teams Tournament 2020

When: 7:15 for 7:30pm start on consecutive Tuesdays, from 18th of August until the 13th of October
Venue: The Chess Centre of South Australia,
10 Ranelagh Street, Adelaide.
Entry Fee: $12 a night, $10 concession (Seniors, Students, Unemployed).
This tournament is open to all players.
Players are expected to play all rounds or be able to organize a replacement.
Format: A and B Grades:
9 round ACF-rated teams competition.
4 players per team, Swiss Draw or Round Robin.
Time Control: A and B grades:
Fischer – 60 Minutes + 30 Seconds a move
Contact: gradematches@sachess.org.au
or if you are an individual wanting to play, but don’t have a team, contact the following team captains:

Will Wedding (Adelaide): will.wedding@gmail.com
Alan Goldsmith (Knights and Bytes): alang@knightsandbytes.com.au
Social Distancing Rules: Please view our current policies here

Internet Tournaments on Sunday 4pm-6pm

July 30th, 2020

South Australian Chess Association & SA Junior Chess League
Sunday Challenges on Tornelo in August

Come and try an online chess competition this August on Sundays from 4pm – 6pm .. it should introduce you to a world of chess that is simply amazing and fun.

To play, simple copy and paste the following links into any browser

2nd August:  https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/sa-chess/events/saca-sajcl-sunday-blitz-challenge–1

9th August: https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/sa-chess/events/saca-sajcl-sunday-rapid-challenge

16th August: https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/sa-chess/events/saca-sajcl-sunday-blitz-challenge–4

23rd August: https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/sa-chess/events/saca-sajcl-sunday-rapid-challenge–1

30th August: https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/sa-chess/events/saca-sajcl-sunday-blitz-challenge–5

and register to play in either the Adult or Junior event.

It costs $5 for Juniors and $10 for Adults and you pay by credit card when you register.

And then, at 3:45pm the Lobby is open and you simply login. You can enter late if necessary and play fewer games, it may depend on what you have on Sunday! You will be paired with an opponent and each player will have 10 minutes for the game and then you play your best – no help from anyone or anything! – and you play 5 or 6 games depending on how quickly the tournaments go.

The Tornelo program provides the board and the clock and once you get used to it, you will find it is very easy. It is not a knockout tournament and after each round you will be paired with someone on, or close to, the same score.

There are small prizes in all the events (and yes, Juniors can play in the Adult group if they would like to! but not vice-versa!).

For more details, simply ring Alan Goldsmith on 041067 2481 or check www.sachess.org.au or www.sajuniorchess.org

And if you have any queries, just link in on Zoom:
Alan Goldsmith is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Sunday PM Zoom
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 1400 4634
Password: 018349