GM Kotov Simultaneous 1964

Updated June 6th, 2019

*Note – some sources place this event at 1963.

In 1964 the grandmaster and writer Alexander Kotov (1913-1981) from Tula in Russia made a visit to Adelaide, there was some concern about his involvement with the NKVD setting aside politics and personal opinions he was accepted by the majority and gave a wonderful simultaneous display where 38 individuals took full advantage of his appearance.

At a remarkably rapid rate by the Grandmaster 4 games were won by Adelaide players 3 of them from the Norwood club, seven games were drawn.

The players who obtained draws were P. Koshnitsky, A. Driscoll, J. Tindale, L. H. Monouze, M. Halusko, G. Bennet and J. Ferguson.

The winners were D. Rudd, M. Cekulis, G. Peters and B. Foster.