Interclub 2020

Updated May 23rd, 2020

Interclub 2020 using

Interclub 2020 will be something a little different to what players are used to. This year, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we will be playing via CHESS.COM – an online chess platform for playing chess.

These matches will not be rated – the ACF will certainly not approve them because they are online with no guarantee against cheating.

The way these matches will work is similar to the normal Interclub Matches – teams of 4, in playing order, playing each other using the time rate of 60 minutes Plus a 30 second increment.

We have set up a special Club on to post the draws and the results each week and while the first round was a bit chaotic, it should all go very smoothly now.

We only have 5 teams in A Grade so would greatly appreciate one or three more clubs – perhaps Matisons, Adelaide Uni and Modbury might like to join in the fun – and they can have catch-up games.

We have 9 teams in B Grade but of course would love another team to make it even better!

SACA has set up a special club for the Matches and you can switch between two Forums to find out who you are playing etc by simply clicking the label.
To access our club:

You have to be admitted to the club first time and from then on it is easy!

Here are the draws for this week – Tuesday 26th May 2020.

SACA 2020 A Grade – Round 3


No Name           Total  Result   Name    Total

 1  Adelaide      [6.5]     :      K&B A1 [6.0]
 2  Norwood       [4.0]     :      K&B A2 [4.0]
 3  Alice Springs [3.5]  4.0:0.0  BYE          


SACA 2020 B Grade – Round 3


No Name                Total  Result   Name               Total

 1  Modbury            [6.0]     :      K&B Green         [4.0]
 2  N to b3            [5.0]     :      Adelaide Avengers [5.0]
 3  Norwood            [4.0]     :      K&B Red           [5.0]
 4  Adelaide Assassins [3.0]     :      K&B Yellow        [5.0]
 5  K&B Blue           [3.0]  4.0:0.0  BYE                     
When:, Commencing Tuesday 12th May 2020
Venue: Online
Entry Fee: $5 per player per round
Format: 9 Rounds, Swiss System, A and B Grade
Time Control: Fischer Classic – 60 Minutes + 30 Seconds a move

Email your team name and members to Garth Whitney

If you wish to play but do not have a team, contact either

Will Wedding (Adelaide Club)

Alan Goldsmith (Knights & Bytes Club)