Reducing the Gap Appeal

Updated September 25th, 2020


The Covid-19 virus has placed a huge financial strain on the South Australian Chess Association (SACA) as we were forced to close the Chess Centre on 15th March 2020 due to both the Federal and State Government’s virus legislation. This closure, with the loss of  income for  SACA due to no entry fees  from over-the-board tournaments,  inter-club or  inter-school matches at the  Chess Centre, is expected to continue for some months. However we must still pay the monthly rent under our 5-year lease and despite a helpful rent reduction from our landlord, we anticipate the shortfall for the year will be around the $8,000 mark. The Chess Centre has been operated by SACA in Ranelagh Street for over 30 years and it is an essential component of chess in South Australia for hosting both Adult and Junior events. 

We are therefore appealing to YOU as a player and/or supporter of Adult and Junior Chess in South Australia to help reduce this gap financially and secure the long-term viability of SACA and the Chess Centre for current and future chess players. 


To show your support for the Chess Centre, South Australian Chess Association and South Australian Junior Chess League in these challenging times please donate today whatever you are able to. All donations will be appreciated and acknowledged by name or anonymously if you prefer. 

Enquiries to Alan Goldsmith   0401 672 481


Cheques payable  to South Australian Chess Association posted to SAJCL PO Box 343, Findon S.A. 5023   

Direct Payment ( bank transfer) to South Australian Chess Association  BSB number 105-093 Account number  355153640   

By Phone (Visa or Master Card) please ring  Julie Boyd, Treasurer of SAJCL  Mob  0414 766 264


Many thanks

Alan Goldsmith        

President, South Australian Chess Association Inc          

President, South Australian Junior Chess League Inc

Donations Received

A very big THANK YOU to all the following kind people for their great generosity and support.

June 19th   Richard Thorne
June 19th   James Drew
June 19th   Wayne Cursaro
June 20th   Md Ruhul Islam
June 21th   Warren Kramer
June 23rd   Dr Ilya Hubczenko
June 25th   Nick Vass – Ceilings Concepts
July 3rd   Anonymous
July 6th   Bradley Thompson 
July 13th   Dr Rob Hoile
July 15th   Dr Andrew Paull
July 15th   Mato Jelic – Chess School SA
July 16th   James Drew
July 17th   Pink & Ku Fang
July 18th   Duane Barness
July 19th   Val Woodburn
July 20th   The Balachander Family
July 20th   The Pattisons
July 24th   Peter Hughes
July 28th   Aaron Perkins
July 28th   The Norwood Chess Club
July 28th   Peter Sanders
July 28th   Walter Culture
July 30th   Tom Loughlin
August 3rd   Anthony Fereday
August 12th   Chris Benham
August 14th   George Bartley
August 21st   Alexander Grice
August 22nd   Jocelyn Ho
August 24th   Anonymous
August 24th   Ashley & Kelly Jones
August 26th   PAC
August 28th   St Pius X
August 31st   Blefari
August 31st   Deepti Singhai
Sept 1st   Yes Lee Leong
Sept 2nd   Concordia College
Sept 2nd   Rosalia Heinrich
Sept 3rd   Oliver, Ben Wes, Anthony Western
Sept 3rd   Eric Paprzycki
Sept 3rd   LII
Sept 3rd   Rostrevor College
Sept 14   Dr Gurpreet Kaur
Sept 16   The Hoff Family
Sept 19   Bruce Saint
Sept 21   St Ignatius
Sept 24   Mitcham PS