South Australian Blitz Championship 2009

Updated April 24th, 2017

Final Standings:

No Name Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 Srdic, Goran 2010 9 10:W 8:W 7:W 20:W 4:W 9:W 2:L 3:L 11:W 5:W 12:W 2 Mdinaradze, Edgar 1862 9 23:W 16:W 3:W 4:L 20:W 7:W 1:W 5:L 8:W 15:W 6:W 3 Cameron, Alistair 1865 8 11:W 12:W 2:L 9:L 18:W 4:W 10:W 1:W 5:W 6:L 7:W 4 Saint, Andrew 1819 8 14:W 6:D 21:W 2:W 1:L 3:L 16:W 7:W 15:D 10:W 17:W 5 Amini, Amir 1901 7 6:L 14:L 25:W 23:W 11:W 13:W 9:W 2:W 3:L 1:L 16:W 6 Worthley, Stephen 1452 6.5 5:W 4:D 20:L 17:W 12:W 8:L 13:L 18:W 7:W 3:W 2:L 7 Juszczynski, Mathew 1834 6 13:W 9:W 1:L 12:W 10:W 2:L 8:W 4:L 6:L 11:W 3:L 8 Zulfic, Fedja 1788 6 24:W 1:L 11:W 10:L 15:W 6:W 7:L 17:W 2:L 12:L 21:W 9 Ivkovic, Novica 1503 6 22:W 7:L 14:W 3:W 13:W 1:L 5:L 11:L 12:L 26:W 19:W 10 Mading, John Thon 1486 6 1:L 24:W 19:W 8:W 7:L 16:W 3:L 15:L 13:W 4:L 26:W 11 Staak, Eric 1423 6 3:L 26:W 8:L 14:W 5:L 20:W 12:W 9:W 1:L 7:L 22:W 12 Atrens, Edvard 1651 6 26:W 3:L 23:W 7:L 6:L 24:W 11:L 13:W 9:W 8:W 1:L 13 Shohani, Ammar 1400 6 7:L 22:W 17:W 16:W 9:L 5:L 6:W 12:L 10:L 25:W 23:W 14 Low, Brandon 1288 6 4:L 5:W 9:L 11:L 17:L 26:W 18:L 25:W 23:W 20:W 24:W 15 Lucero, Antonio C 5.5 17:W 19:L 16:L 21:W 8:L 18:W 23:W 10:W 4:D 2:L 20:L 16 Kelly, John 1734 5.5 25:W 2:L 15:W 13:L 24:W 10:L 4:L 20:W 17:D 21:W 5:L 17 Lidums, Aivars 1594 5.5 15:L 18:W 13:L 6:L 14:W 23:W 20:W 8:L 16:D 22:W 4:L 18 Colliver, Scott 1273 5 21:L 17:L 26:W 19:W 3:L 15:L 14:W 6:L 24:W 23:L 25:W 19 Ferro, Miguel 1954 5 20:L 15:W 10:L 18:L 23:L 21:L 22:W 26:W 25:W 24:W 9:L 20 Haydn, Gavin 1469 4 19:W 21:W 6:W 1:L 2:L 11:L 17:L 16:L 22:L 14:L 15:W 21 Sykes, Alexander K I 1798 3.5 18:W 20:L 4:L 15:L 22:D 19:W 25:L 24:L 26:W 16:L 8:L 22 Lawton, Richard 3.5 9:L 13:L 24:L 26:W 21:D 25:L 19:L 23:W 20:W 17:L 11:L 23 Walshe, D Bradley 1413 3 2:L 25:W 12:L 5:L 19:W 17:L 15:L 22:L 14:L 18:W 13:L 24 Glascott, Brent 1197 3 8:L 10:L 22:W 25:W 16:L 12:L 26:L 21:W 18:L 19:L 14:L 25 Vuckov, George 1147 3 16:L 23:L 5:L 24:L 26:W 22:W 21:W 14:L 19:L 13:L 18:L 26 Atrens, Karlis 1072 1 12:L 11:L 18:L 22:L 25:L 14:L 24:W 19:L 21:L 9:L 10:L

11 blitz rounds, two players tied for first place, a five minute break, a further three rounds to break the tie, a punched board number and a game commenced without the clock started. Tension was evident and it was fascinating stuff. View rounds 2 and 3 below.

Round 3 playoff. Edgar Mdinaradze, Goran Srdic